Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Born to be a Wildcat

So with the upcoming final four game against Louisville this Saturday I had to write something so I could remember this occasion vividly 10 years from now. People used to tell me in high school I was born knowing where I was going to go to college and to be honest, I think they were right. My dad went to UK, my mom went to UK, my brother went to UK, my parents met here, my mom, brother, and I all lived in the same dorm during our times at UK, and my dad even proposed to my mom in the basement of that very dorm. Let's just say that my family has a deep UK tradition. There is one thing however that my parents and brother share in common with their experience at UK and that is, they have all gotten to experience an NCAA championship. Now if you're from the state of Kentucky or have any idea about Kentucky basketball that is something that you remember and cherish for a lifetime. People mark that down as one of the greatest moments in their lives and never forget it. So this weekend is a very big weekend to me, as well as many other UK fans. But what people who aren't UK fans don't seem to understand is the love people have for UK basketball and their school. I'm not talking about the wishy-washy fans who only root for UK when they're doing well or the ones who see a bunch of UK t-shirts and decide that's going to be their team. I'm talking about people like me. The people who live and breathe Kentucky basketball all year long, the people who would do anything to win a national title, the people who have UK basketball games playing in the background of their home videos, the people who's parents would wake them up the next day to the words "Kentucky won" (something my dad did when Kentucky won in '98), and the people who love UK with their whole being. It sounds ridiculous I know, but it's true, and it's something every UK fan is proud of. We love our school with everything we have, we would fight to the death for it. Being a Kentucky fan is not just a title, but it truly is a way of life. It's always choosing the color blue over red, it's basing your schedule around the times of UK games, it's teaching your kids the CATS cheer when they learn to talk, it's sitting out in a tent for 3 long days so you can watch the first practice of the year, it's getting goosebumps every time you walk into Rupp Arena or hear "On, On UofK," it is so much more than being just a fan for 5 months out of the year. So I when I ask the good Lord for a championship this year it's not just so we can rub it in the Louisville fans faces and all the other haters (although that is a plus), it's not just so we can claim we are truly the best, it's because I love Kentucky with my whole heart and it is truly a part of who I am.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My lifechangers

I was recently asked to name the people who I value or who have shaped who I am. I really had not ever thought about it. Of course I always had assumed my parents, but I'd never really considered it. After thinking long and hard I've narrowed it down to 4 people who I feel like have taught me something, changed me, or just made me think. One would have to be my mother. I know a lot of people would come up with that answer, but she truly is the reason I am here and who I am today. She has shown me what unconditional love is, she tells me when I'm wrong, she is the model example of a mother, she has taught me how to make the right choices, she has given me my morals and values, she's taught me to cut people slack, including myself sometimes, she calms me down, because Lord knows I need someone to do that, when I'm having a bad day she helps me to remember that everything is going to be okay, she's taught me to believe in myself, she helps me see the big picture and makes me remember to not sweat the small stuff, she's put up with more bullsh*t from people than anyone on this Earth could handle, she ALWAYS sacrifices for me, she is selfless, she is forgiving, kind, sweet, and I honestly think she might be an angel that God sent to live on this Earth. She is my mom and I couldn't be more proud of anyone on this Earth. My second person is my big brother. He has become one of my best friends. He makes me laugh like no one else. He's helped me to remember that there are still good men on this Earth. He loves Jesus more than anyone I know and when I remember that, it makes me love Jesus more too. He is my role model. He is a good Christian man and a wonderful husband and Hope is so lucky to have him. I know God gave him to me because He knew what I would lose later in life. Adam has been my father figure when mine wasn't so admirable. I tell people even though my dad hasn't always been the greatest, I've got a big brother who makes up for it tenfold. He too calms me down and helps me remember to not get so angry. I can tell him things no one else understands. I want my husband to be like him. He loves life so much, it makes me jealous sometimes. He can make anything fun. I love that he can act 12, but is actually 32. He's the smartest person I know. I honestly can't think of one thing that I know that he doesn't already know too. We have such a special relationship and I wouldn't give it up for anything. Number three is my nephew, Alexander. He has only been in my life for 3 years, but he has completely changed it. He has taught me how to truly love someone unconditionally. My love for him took me by such surprise, it truly was love at first sight. I've never met someone who could instantly make me happy not matter what. When I look at him I am reminded of everything that is innocent, pure, and perfect. He truly is a gift from God. I don't know how I couldn't believe in God after seeing this perfect little person. He makes me so happy. He's taught me patience. He makes me proud. He's given me a softer heart. He has helped me discover a whole new side of myself. He is my precious boy and I love him with every inch of my being. Last, but not least, is my boyfriend Trey. He makes my life better in every way possible. He helps me to remember to always enjoy life, even if I think I don't have time. He makes me look at things more positively. He helps me to remember to always stick to my values and stand up for them, no matter what anyone thinks. He calls me out when I'm being a b*tch. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. He makes me proud. He never settles. He's smart and of course he's attractive=) He's gotten through things that I could never handle. He's kind, whether he thinks he sometimes or not. He makes me want to be a better person. He helps me not take life so seriously all the time. He too has a zest for life. I like that he can talk to anybody because I definitely can't. He's a charmer, and unfortunately I love charmers. He always drives, which makes me happy. He made me love Coldplay. He sings pretty. He's the life of the party, and I love it. He has qualities that I wish I had. He gets fired up with me when no one else will. And everyday when I wake up and think of him, I am happy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Manny Where are Yooou?

I got a text from my brother the other day telling me that Alexander hadn't quit asking for me since Adam had gotten home from work. So naturally, like any awesome aunt would do, I quickly sped over there to see my little egg.
As I was playing with Alexander and watching all the insanely cute things he does I couldn't help but think what an amazing little person he is, and he's only 2. In the midst of everything right now, with the death of Hope's dad, he can put a smile on all of our faces instantly.
Ever since he was born I say that now I believe in love at first site. As soon as I held him in my arms and looked at his precious face I fell in love with him. I've never met a person who can make me feel so happy and overjoyed like he does. I look at his sweet face or listen to him say "Manny" and I honestly forget everything that is wrong in my life because he makes it okay.
I could honestly go on and on about my love for Alexander and how truly amazing he is, but we would literally be here for days because he is so FREAKING SPECIAL.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friends of a Lifetime

          Lately, I feel like my world has been spinning out of control. It has been a such a difficult past couple of months for me and my family. I lost my only grandmother whom I loved more than anything in this world. She was suffering from Alzheimer's disease and I felt like I had already lost her a long time ago, but I didn't realize how hard it would still be to physically lose her. She has been gone a couple of weeks now and we have just now found out that two other close family members have leukemia and possibly a renal tumor. I feel like everywhere we turn our family is facing a crisis. From the death of my grandmother, to my two cousins new illnesses, and Hope's dad's diagnosis with cancer. Every time my family gets through one event another one comes along and some days I feel like I can't breathe.
          So needless to say I have been somewhat down lately and I keep wondering why God is starting to take all these people out of my life and my family's lives. However, just when I start to feel sorry for myself He reminds me of the so many truly wonderful things I do have in my life and last night He did just that.
         I was having a difficult time with my boyfriend and we had been in a huge fight. I just couldn't deal with it anymore because I had just received more bad news about my family. After this huge fight in the middle of the night I leave my apartment to go spend the night with mom. As I'm pulling away in my car my 2 roommates and best friends are barreling down the stairs and racing to my car. Both embraced me and just let me sob and listened. We talked for so long and they gave me so many encouraging words and they helped me to remember how truly blessed I am. I honestly don't think many people can say they have as good of friends as I do and God reminded me of that last night. I love them so much and can not imagine my life without them. As my mom always says what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good.